Startups are hard: let’s work together!

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Startups are hard.

The promise of disrupting industries, achieving rapid growth, and attaining financial independence fuels the dreams of countless aspiring entrepreneurs. However, behind the glamour and excitement lies a harsh reality: startups are hard.

The internet has lowered barriers to entry, making it easier than ever to launch a web startup. However, this accessibility has also led to intense competition in almost every niche imaginable. Even SaaS!

Standing out in a crowded marketplace requires not only a unique value proposition but also relentless innovation and strategic differentiation. SEO, Socials, Email Newsletters, Ads are just some of the ways that can help with that.

But even with the abundance of tools and resources available, mastering the intricacies of building a web app requires time, expertise, and continuous learning. Then there’s securing funding, whether through bootstrapping, angel investors, or venture capital etc.

The journey of building a web startup is a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I know this very well with Works – it’s bloody hard. That’s why I want to try and share the journey with as many other entrepreneurs as possible.

If you’re a startup, shoot me a email and we’ll feature your startup here on the Works blog.

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